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Bush Fire Alert

As all of us know, we have been facing bush fire catastrophic situation in NSW also. In couple of weeks back and in the coming weeks too we will be having fire rating for the NSW area to Extreme.

1. Fire Danger Rating means:
If you are not prepared to the highest level, leave early in the day.

Leaving early is the safest option for your survival.
Only consider staying if you are prepared to the highest level – such as your home is specially designed, constructed or modified, and situated to withstand a fire, you are well prepared and can actively defebd it if a fire starts.

What to do?

  • Make sure your bush fire survival plan is in place.
    • Monitor alert levels during the day particularity through the Fires Near Me website.
    • Report any suspicious behavior or fires to 000 and on the Institute Administration Phone no: 02 8065 2990.
    • Do not visit farms or other bush areas unless it is urgent and approved by the Security Personnel designated.
    • Look after yourself and keep an eye out for your colleagues, making sure you consider your physical, mental and emotional preparedness.
    • People who are at higher risk, such as children, elderly, disabled or with medical problems should always leave early.

Report PEO or Administrative Officer of the Institute immediately for any information and assistance (Phone No: 02 8065 2990)

Drought & Bush Fire Assistance

With the prolonged drought and ongoing bush fires many people in our community are struggling. Below are some suggestions of services that may be of assistance to you or someone you know. Be sure to speak up and check in with yourself and those around you.

Suicide and Crisis Support:
Need to talk right now? Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 its a 24 / 7 service.
Suicide Call Back Service is a 24 / 7 service, get in touch here or call 1300 659 467.

HealthWISE Mental Health Services Bush Fire Self Referral:
This service provides person-centred, psychological support and strength-based strategies for people whose lives have been directly impacted by Bush Fires and are experiencing mild to moderate mental health symptoms. 

Additional Support:
Lifeline – 13 11 14
Mental Health Hotline – 1800 011 511

Call 000 (Emergency Services) if life is in danger.

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