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This course is developed keeping the interest of all students who wish to enhance their English language skills before attempting further study in Australia. This course develops your grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You can start at any level from elementary to upper elementary and finish at any exit point that suits you. Completion at Upper Intermediate level will enable direct entry to many vocational courses with an IELTS 5.5 entry requirement.

We offer four levels of General English program: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate.

Course Detail

Crisco Code
National Code

Entry Requirements

English language/literacy/numeracy requirements

No minimum entry requirements. Entry into the course is determined by the student’s score of the English Placement Test.

  • Elementary level
  • Elementary for Pre-Intermediate level
  • Pre-Intermediate for Intermediate level
  • Intermediate for Upper-intermediate level

Age requirement

17 years and above.


Depending on level of students it runs for 4 to 52 weeks (20 hours per week).

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Start day

Students can start on Monday of any week.

Pathways to further study

KIA will help you to meet the English entry requirement of your chosen Vocational or Higher Education Course.

Studying English with Kingston Institute Australia offers international student’s entry into the chosen courses offered by any Registered Training Organisation.


Face-to-face (currently online delivery due to COVID-19).

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Unit Code Unit Name
BLKEBF001 Establish a Blockchain framework for decentralized peer to peer consensus and innovation.
NAT10849001 Apply the tenets of Blockchain to create value
NAT10849002 Plan for a Blockchain business model implementation
NAT10849003 Plan for disintermediation within a Blockchain business model
NAT10849004 Develop a Blockchain team business model
NAT10849005 Apply big data to Blockchain marketing strategies
Elective (2 units only)
NAT10849006 Develop Blockchain governance policy
NAT10849007 Apply Blockchain to the Internet of Things
NAT10849008 Apply Blockchain to support Artificial Intelligence

Career prospect and vocational outcome

Employment opportunities greatly vary for graduates depending on their existing qualifications and experience. The course intends to develop participants’ competency to undertake management or operational roles within an organization for:

  • Implementing new business models that incorporate Blockchain technologies to create value, efficiencies and new opportunities.
  • Implementing disruptive business systems that enable the application of Blockchain technologies.
  • Developing and overseeing Blockchain teams.

Graduates can work as a manager, researcher, a consultant with the challenging responsibility of integrating and implementing blockchain technologies in the existing or new organizations

Graduates can work as a Trainer and Assessor in RTOs in Australia for the Diploma of Applied Blockchain course with an additional Vocational Education Teaching qualification such as the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent.

Preferred Pathways to the qualification

  • Completion of Tertiary certificate in Certificate IV in any vocational courses or equivalent degrees.
  • Student’s experience in research and planning in any disciplines will be much value adding.

Preferred Pathways from the qualification

After completing the qualification, participants may seek relevant employment opportunities or any training options as:

Undertake 10747NAT Advanced Diploma of Blockchain or equivalent training course.

Graduate with a Tertiary level degree completes the Diploma of Applied Blockchain finds a wide range of employment in the area of applying Blockchain technologies as:

  • Consultancy in the area of business modelling and value creation incorporating Blockchain technologies.
  • Consultancy in the area using Blockchain technologies.
  • Consultancy in the area of transitioning organizational systems to Blockchain technologies.


Due to the COVID-19 situation, the course is a blended mode of face-to-face and online participation. Students appear in face-to-face tuition of a minimum of 15 hours within an institution-based environment and online learning of 5 hours per week from the Institute, home or other locations.


Blockchain is an emerging technology, and learners will likely either be working in a real “Start-Up” or forming a “Start-Up” organization or project. In both cases, many activities will be in the planning phase as opposed to being operational. Where this is the case, work environments must be ‘simulated’ for assessment. Each unit of competency involves assessment tasks conducted in a range of contexts, for example:

  • Written question and answers: short answer questions, matching/multiple choices questions
  • Practical skills tasks: Research analysis of real-life case studies, portfolios and reports
  • Projects: Planning, modelling and specifying Portfolio (e.g., collection of plans, models, specifications, research findings and reports
  • Roles plays, group work and presentations and third parties’ reports (optional)

Course fee

Total course fee: A$200 per week

Please note that course fees may change during a student’s enrolment. At least 30 days’ notice will be provided to all students when course fees have changed.

Note: It is a requirement that an international student must have a valid health insurance cover for the duration of their visa.

ESOS framework

The ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice 2007 for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (The National Code 2007) protect overseas students and uphold high quality standards of education within Australian Education Institutions. For further information about the ESOS Act and the National Code please refer to:

How to Apply

Hamro Institute of Business Technology (HIBT), trading as Kingston Institute Australia, is a registered training organisation (RTO) for delivering vocational education and training (VET) courses for domestic students in all states and territories in Australia.

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