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Be mindful, long COVID is likely to remain an issue for years to come 

While vaccinations have been reducing the risk of severe illness, research is still unfolding into long COVID. 

“It’s hard because it doesn’t have an enormously robust diagnosis,” Health experts commented. 

While there is no strict definition, it usually refers to an illness following COVID-19 infection that lasts for at least two or three months. 

Clinics have been set up around Australia dedicated to supporting patients suffering from the condition, but funding for many of them is not certain. 

In December, Federal Health Minister Mark Butler said the national plan involved funding for research to help better understand long COVID

Some health authorities have indicated most long-COVID patients will be best cared for by GPs and allied health professionals in the community. 

“I think a lot of this work is going to have to be done retrospectively, to understand from various hospital diagnoses and GP diagnoses around how much long COVID is around,” Dr Lydeamore said. 

“It is a concern … and, I think, that will be an issue for us over the next few years to five years.” 


Soruce: Jan 2023, ABC News 

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