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News for November 2022.

Students with
Vocational Education and Training qualifications: A Bright Future  

The highest-paid jobs in Australia might come as no surprise to some, with doctors, CEOs and legal professionals featuring prominently on the list. 

But there are a few entrants that might leave you surprised. 

If you’re contemplating a career change, thinking about studying or looking for a job that’ll earn you the big bucks, there might just be a role on this list that appeals to you. 

Click through to see the top 15 highest-paid careers in Australia based on tax return data from the Australian Taxation Office and the Monarch Institute

CEO or Managing Director is in the 10thrank, which you can achieve through Leadership and Management vocational education and training. 

Average salary: $164,896. 

A chief executive officer or managing director is the most senior executive position in a company, in charge of managing the operations, organisation, its people and its resources. General managers oversee development of business plans, budgets and strategies and identifying risks that could affect the company’s efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, its profitability. 


  • Complete a business-related bachelor’s degree (master’s optional) 
  • Build on-the-job experience 

There is no singular way to become the head of a company, and there are outliers and many different avenues, but education and experience are two of the most important and consistent factors for success in high-level business. 

For more information on relevant education and upskilling in the business and management sector Certificate IV Business, Diploma of Business and Advanced Diploma of Business, Diploma of Leadership and Management and Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management.

Source: 9News Staff|Nov. 2022 

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