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News for September 2022.


International Students Welcome Longer Stay Visas 

The recent HubSpot study reveals that the workforce needs to be upskilled to keep pace with the evolution of our market and be equipped for the future of work. Education systems need to empower the workforce with the right skills to succeed in the new working environment. 

It’s for this reason that online education will continue to boom as comprehensive certifications, singular topic courses and bite-sized lessons support individuals and businesses to grow. 

In fact, the demand for digital skills is the driving force behind the skills gap. It’s predicted that by 2025, Australia will need 156,0000 new technology workers, as 87 per cent of jobs now require digital skills. 


Validating this shift in how we think about learning and the move to online, Skill Finder has upskilled more than 5,000 people after launching during the pandemic. 


However, the number of international students studying Australian courses totalled 478,230 for the January-June 2022 period. There was a change of -10% compared to the same period last year. 


Pointing out that international education was a vital industry that has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, Ms O’Neil said the outcomes from the Jobs and Skills Summit were geared towards supporting international education and giving the students who earn degrees in Australia the chance to contribute to the productivity of the economy. 


Longer stay visas will surely encourage international students to consider Australian education. 


Source: 5 September 2022, SBS 

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