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News for September 2023

Australian Vocational Training and Universities Matters 


In light of the current economic climate, with its focus on technology and automation, governments and policymakers should continue investing in education which included new measures for sustainability, graduate employability, and international research collaboration—reveal a shift in the global higher education landscape. 

Vocational colleges train these workers and warrant a place in an international rankings table. The lack of this today represents a significant gap in reporting. The right kind of investment in education can ensure that students can access the best education—whether it be vocational, university or both. 

Universities aren’t the sole educational institutions providing future-proof education in Australia. Australian education features a two-tier tertiary education system. Interestingly, 70% of international students choose to learn trade courses at vocational education and training (VET) colleges rather than universities. These VET colleges offer a wide range of vocational, hands-on classes designed to give students practical skills in specific trades or industries. With ten modular levels of tertiary education available in Australia, VET colleges provide a comprehensive educational journey from entry-level courses through to postgraduate diplomas (Levels 1-8). Concurrently, universities traditionally cater to academic-oriented programs offering Bachelors through to Doctoral degrees (Levels 7-10). 

This will enable young people to bridge their studies to real-world challenges, thereby preparing them for future success. 


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