Kingston Institute Australia

Course Intake Dates 2020-2021

Course Intake Dates

 YEAR 2020YEAR 2021
Term/BlockCommencement DateEnd DateCommencement DateEnd Date
Term 1
Block 106.01.202009.02.202011.01.202114.02.2021
Block 224.02.202028.03.202022.02.202128.03.2021
Term 2
Block 113.04.202017.05.202012.04.202116.05.2021
Block 225.05.202028.06.202024.05.202127.06.2021
Term 3
Block 106.07.202009.08.202005.07.202108.08.2021
Block 224.08.202027.09.202023.08.202126.09.2021
Term 4
Block 112.10.202015.11.202011.10.202114.11.2021
Block 223.11.202027.12.202022.11.202126.12.2021

*Student orientation (Orientation Day) will be conducted from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on the commencement or intake date of each Block or Term. Students’ enrollments will be done from the day when classes commence and continue until the end of the first week of classes in each Block/Term.