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Student enrolment is generally done one day before, or on the day of, the commencement of classes in any block. However, if the students have valid reasons they can enroll during the first week of the classes. After the first week, students cannot enroll. An enrolment application form needs to be completed on the day of enrolment, and once every six months.

Upon arriving in Australia students are required to advise Kingston Institute Australia of your residential address and telephone number and of any subsequent changes to their residential address. As per the government’s Tuition Protection Service (TPS) policy, international students are required to update their current address at least every six months by using the change of address or name form of the Institute. Under Section 20 of the ESOS Act, the institute is obliged to send warning notices at student’s last known address which are aimed help prevent breaches of student’s visa conditions relating to attendance or academic performance. Hence, it is the student’s responsibility and in their own interests to ensure that they always update their address details at the Institute to ensure they receive important information about their courses, fees and possible breaches of their student visa. Additional information on student visa issues is available on the DIBP’s website.

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In response to the increasing demands for Accounting and Finance endeavors, Kingston Institute Australia provides students with a range of knowledge, skills, generic and specific competencies to support their employability within the Finance market.

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