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Student orientation is conducted at10:00 am on the day of the commencement of the first intake classes in each Block of the term.

For students with exceptional or special circumstances, enrolments will be extended until the end of first week of classes in each Block. Its purpose is to inform new students of most aspects of life at the Institute and to provide an introduction to studying; Both Sydney’s and Melbourne’s costs of living, transportation, facilities, banking and accommodation as well as about the academic matters such as attendance policy, satisfactory course progress policy, fee payment and refund policy, as well as other relevant polices that affect students.

In case of international students, they will be oriented about the ESOS Act and National Code 2007. Students have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with campus facilities and to ask questions to the Institute’s staff and trainers. On the Orientation Day, students will be given a copy of the Student Handbook. Dates for the Orientation Day are listed on this website, or you can call reception at 0280652990 to find out the date and time of orientation.

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In response to the increasing demands for Accounting and Finance endeavors, Kingston Institute Australia provides students with a range of knowledge, skills, generic and specific competencies to support their employability within the Finance market.

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